5 Reasons Your restaurant Should Have an App

An earning document revealed by Starbucks in 2020 showed that 24% of the monetary transactions of the company were conducted over the Starbucks app alone. Impressive, right?

Here’s something even more interesting, as referenced in a survey of 11 restaurant clients, you can assume that 40% of all visitors use their smartphones to visit your restaurants website online.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a business that does not have a mobile app dedicated to its services. Even if you do find one, ask the business owner whether or not he’s planning to get a mobile app developed for his business. The answer is likely to be ‘yes.’  

After all, who wouldn’t like to make use of the numerous benefits restaurant mobile app development offers. 

Curious to know how restaurant mobile app development can help your business? Keep reading. 

Top 5 reasons to build your own restaurant app 

Let’s have look at the top 5 reasons to build your own restaurant app.

1) Customer Base and Engagement 

The ultimate goal of every business is to improve their services for their customers. The more accessible your services are, the more your customer base would grow.

A large customer base not only helps drive in large revenues, but also helps increase user engagement and boost brand awareness. It is possible to reach these goals with the help of a simple restaurant mobile app. 

There are several ways that restaurant food delivery mobile apps can keep users engaged. For example, it is possible to target busy individuals by offering easy and quick order takeaway/delivery. This helps save the time people waste while standing in long queues at a restaurant.

Imagine yourself in this scenario, if you are working on a busy day, would you prefer making a quick order online, or go through the hassle of driving to the restaurant and waiting in a queue for your order to get delivered?

2)  Customer retention 

Business growth and profitability are not possible if your business is not putting in efforts to improve customer retention. Why? Because as compared to a new customers, existing customers are more likely to make purchase from your business and recommend your brand to others. 

Restaurant mobile app development can help restaurants retain customers. For example, you can offer discounts, deals and loyalty programs on your food ordering app to keep your customers coming back for more. You can also offer coupon codes and discounts for new users who download and sign-up for your mobile app for restaurant ordering. 

Moreover, you can send push notifications to users whenever a discount or deal is going on. According to research, 65% of people get convinced to download your restaurant’s app if you offer discount deals; 80% of those customers are likely to return to your app to check out ongoing deals. 

3) Social Sharing 

One of the biggest benefits of restaurant app development is that they allow users to leave reviews regarding their experience with your app within seconds.

Customer reviews not only help improve the positive image of your restaurant but also allows you to improve your service based on the complaints and recommendations of your users. (Though we hope positive reviews are all that you get, negative reviews can be helpful too.) 

As for the positive reviews, they speak for themselves. You can share the good reviews on your social media handles to advance the social proof and word of mouth around your business. This will also help improve your brand reputation in the market, boosting your overall restaurant business over time. 

4) Photo Display to Entice 

Ah, we all know the mouth watering feeling that one gets as soon as he/she sets eyes on a yummy, delicious-looking image of a dish. Only if one could get in, grab that burger and devour it!

It’s not a surprise that almost every food app out there looks so inviting. It’s all in the images…the better they look, the hungrier we get, and the more likely we are to act on our impulse to order that dish.  

Everyone likes surprises, but not when it comes to food. One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for restaurant is that they allow you to insert food images and videos, along with the listed items.

Food photography helps your customers get a better idea about what the dish would look like when it arrives. Also, providing photos on your online food app shows professionalism and creates trust. 

5) Internal Order Fulfillment 

Restaurant management apps not only offer convenience for your customers but for your employees too.

If you build your own restaurant app, you won’t need an extra man at the counter of your restaurant going through different phone calls to take and manage orders. 

Orders made are stored in the app. It is also possible for customers to track their order, confirm their payment, and view order details from the app.  

Also, thanks to in-app payment, there’s one less thing your delivery guys would need to worry about. Customers can easily make online payment using your app, and you can easily receive that payment via the online system. Pretty simple, isn’t it? 


Restaurant food ordering apps offer endless marketing opportunities for businesses. They also allow restaurant businesses to increase customer base, boost revenues, build customer trust, and much more.

Confused about how to build your own restaurant app? Worry not, Quickxi has got you covered. 

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