How to Devise a Sales Channel & Marketing Strategy for Online Store

Executing a multi-channel strategy is the requirement for every business, besides the strongest brands are the one that fulfills and caters to all the needs of a customer. Nowadays, online stores are creating resiliency by fully owning their customers and the customer experience, selling to them the products that they control. Getting these elements right is going to provide you with a clientele, but what’s more challenging is to maintain the customers. 

You have to be specific while going for a strategy for the online business because channels and mediums may vary depending on your services and industry. We will take a deep dive into the world of sales channels and how they can maximize and set your business up to be more resilient in the long term. 

What is a sales channel? It is a medium that businesses use to reach their customers. Now, sales channels can be of various types, select that model which suits your interests the best – eCommerce, mobile apps, modern marketplace, B2B sales, a traditional marketplace, retail, wholesale, white-label, direct to consumers, and partnerships. 

Quickxi is your best partner in helping your business amplify and win satisfied customers – by offering highly customizable pre-made web and mobile applications. 


Every purchasing action that happens online is coined as eCommerce. It is an interaction and transaction that a customer experiences solely by doing online shopping. For instance, when you buy clothes online, it is eCommerce. When you order food online via a delivery app, it is also eCommerce. According to statistics, the eCommerce market has expanded massively, it is worth over $5 trillion, and it’s expected to make up 24.5% of global sales by 2025. The best thing about this market is that you can initiate a startup at a very low cost – without requiring a physical storefront. You can reduce the development costs coupled with 24/7 selling since the website is always online. Remember! What do we say about maintaining the customer? With the help of this platform, you can collect the customer’s data and keep them in the loop by providing coupons, discount codes, or push app notifications. Because of this a customer remains sentimentally attached and in sync. 

Mobile Apps

A vast array of businesses are turning to mobile apps because the more the demand the more likely it is going to become a need and trend. There are now 2.87 million apps available on the google play store, 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day. Consumers are turning to apps with each passing day and brands prefer it that way because that’s how the customer flow can be divided and attended in detail. Also, Multiple brands tend to give discounts and offers to their users via push notifications. 

A brand can leverage and engage more people on the app rather than on the website because it has user-friendly and easy-to-access features. You can eventually increase sales by delivering special offers, deals, or coupons to anyone who downloads it. Online applications are the best ways to achieve your business goals and intensify the brand presence.

Setup a mission for your online store

While thinking about the sales channel you might want to pick one cannon that will ensure the directive of the business, but that’s only going to get you so far. We suggest you pick a universal one, where you can remove and put in whatever kind of bit you need to unlock each channel individually. Quickxi is the compact solution for your brand, our easy-to-use website creator package would allow you to use tools at their optimum level. 

Share your mission with Qiuckxi and get customized templates for your dream business – we have a model for every pursuit – retail, grocery shops, restaurants, or other service providers. 

Marketing strategy to grow your business

Once you set up your online store, devise a marketing strategy and channel that will compliment it, depending upon the available resources and products you sell. Marketing eCommerce expert Alex Greifeld says, “There’s no marketing channel that’s a silver bullet for everyone.”

Marketing channels will attract new customers for your business, usually, there are two types of medium; Organic – The medium where you don’t spend a penny and would be able to promote and talk about your product, like social media, and email. The other category is Paid – When you spend a certain amount to promote exclusivity of your brand in the form of advertisement to potential customers. Once you have all the things ready and streamlined, there is no stopping in growth. THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

Your business will pick up the pace if you follow the strategy efficiently and incorporate newness as you scale. Ready to start your business? Start with QUICKXI!

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