Make Professionally Designed Website To Sell Things Online!

Thinking of starting an online store?

Don’t Worry! We’re here for you providing all the assistance you need. When you think of starting an online business the first thing that comes to your mind is a website. Initially, it is like a blank canvas, not knowing where to begin or what aspects we should incorporate. Before aiming for this adventure, there are a few steps that you need to know.

How to start an online store:

Identify your niche

If you are starting an online store from scratch, identify the industry that has your best interests. Remember! When looking for initiating business research about the target audience first. That is how you will get a proper directive. Plus, think about the cost-effective items to produce or set a lucrative price that will attract the majority of consumers. 

Go for customized eCommerce solutions

An eCommerce platform helps to build and create an effective online medium. It is so versatile that you can increase your business sales, fulfill the bulk orders, market them, and assemble a target audience. Most people think that a website builder just provides you with a template to list all the products and transfer payments, but it is more than that. Your eCommerce platform is the epicenter of the entire business – from marketing the products to offering practical tools that would support your customer exposure.

In this digitalized world, having a physical storefront is not enough. Go, and create an eCommerce avenue. It will create a cohesive and established image for your brand – maximizing customer recognition. Besides, you can formulate a strategy to give the brand a unified voice and let the customer know what the brand stands for. However, branding is an ongoing process that evolves as the business grows. 

Setup the Online Store account 

If you’re a new startup or an entrepreneur, an online store is a great way to test the products and get feedback. It is very important for business retention, also, you will get a personalized customer experience and mold the products accordingly. 

Market your products with an intuitive interface

Once your online store is created, it’s now time to market the products using Quickxi intuitive interface. Our top-notch, user-friendly, high-quality, full-responsive, and informative user interfaces are developed keeping the latest UI/UX design trends in mind. In addition, high design responsiveness is just a cherry on top. 

What are we proposing?

Setup Online Grocery Shop

During COVID-19 various startups emerged emphasizing the notion of no-contact delivery and ordering everything at home. At that time, Online grocery stores picked their momentum and developed into a full-scale business model. So it’s now Quickxi responsibility to provide the users with an ideal experience.

  • We are offering a duo lingo (Arabic/English) users can switch either in Arabic or English mode depending on the target audience. 
  • User-friendly UI for a seamless shopper experience
  • Simple checkout flow, you can add or remove the items as per the requirement.
  • Editable Product variants
  • To make things easy for the customers we have re-order history built in. Your customers can see the order placed in the past and can re-order all products that were on the order list. If some products are out of stock then they will be skipped and products with stock will be added to the cart.
  • Order management system – Vendors can check all orders and details on the dashboard

Build an Online food delivery system

Online space is a solid medium to create food delivery apps. It can provide a potential magnitude of growth. You can boost your sales through your custom-owned ready-made app and say no to third-party delivery services.

  • Vendors/Admin can add managers to manage their store/shop, he/she can add as many managers as want
  • Layout customization – you can add or remove the features from your platform as per the availability.  
  • Ability to add meal available time, to make it available between specific periods.
  • You can add as many branches as you want, all under one system. 
  • Showing “deal of the day” meal/product, i.e showcasing the top favorite picks or the meal being sold more than other offers.

Online Shop

Quickxi promotes freedom of ideas and creativity. Start with a flexible template and improvise it as you decide to go with the kind of shop/brand. We offer customization to fit your style and professional needs with our website builder.

  • Multi-Variance (vendor can add products without variant or with variants . each variant will have its own price stock)
  • Enjoy a Comprehensive and smart Dashboard. You can organize certain CTA buttons, images, and much more. 
  • Smart Cart 

On-Demand services

You can take consultation from our experts about what kind of features suit your business and make them ready on request. Due to this, your brand would be able to yield a foundation and functionality. 

Grow your business online and sell everything with Feature-packed Quickxi.

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