eCommerce Mobile App: Why Does your Business need it?

Mobile apps nowadays are creating a buzz in the business world. Speaking of which, eCommerce mobile app is no exception. According to studies, the eCommerce industry is growing by 23% every year.

Plus the global pandemic fuelled the industry and put it at the forefront of retail. Now due to the advent of modern technology and smartphones with over 2.87 billion users worldwide, last year alone – serving customers now has become a lot easier.

Mobile applications have changed the way businesses connect with their customers and vice versa. Moreover, in order to gain a competitive advantage in this highly competitive market, mobile applications for the eCommerce industry have become significant. 

In this blog, I will clue you in on the reasons why your eCommerce business needs an application, so let’s jump straight into it. 

Higher Conversions 

Business success depends greatly on the value of conversions and mobile apps for eCommerce tend to push potential leads to the final purchasing stage in a limited time. In Fact, according to studies, mobile apps are three times more likely to convert customers compared to websites.

But businesses have to make sure that their eCommerce apps have high usability, accessibility, and efficiency to secure leads. Because when customers are planning to shop, they expect to have a smooth buying process including seamless payment, and checkout processes.

Increased Brand Awareness

One of the most important reasons, your eCommerce business needs an application with high brand visibility. Now you must be thinking, how? Mobile applications provide one of the easier ways for brands and customers to effortlessly connect with each other because people spend more than half of their day glued to smartphones.

They prefer to surf the internet and browse online stores through their phones. Therefore, apps help familiarize people with all that you have to offer.

Additionally, eCommerce mobile apps offer one of the most intuitive ways for brands to build their brand equity because once the customer opens your app and leaves happy, it can significantly raise your business’s brand image.

User-friendliness, branding, seamless navigation, accessibility, speed et al are all the contributing factors that help your brand get recognized, thus, leading to higher lead generation value and ultimately sales. 

Higher Customer Retention Rates 

The mobile application lets you build loyalty programs which as a result helps retain your customers. They say it right, ‘reward the behavior that you want to be repeated,’. Similarly, if you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand and yours alone and keep them coming back for more – you ought to offer them some form of rewards such as loyalty programs and discount coupons – to make them feel valued, hence, encourage them to order again.

Mobile applications can help you achieve all that and then some more. In addition, regular interaction and engagement are considered some of the great ways to get user loyalty. This loyalty is what makes customers stay. Having said that, customer demands are in a constant state of evolution – they want to be able to place an order even in the middle of the night and they expect you to fulfill their demands no matter the time of the day.

Mobile apps offer everything at your fingertips, uninterrupted around the clock. Due to this consistent ease, availability and convenience customers tend to stay loyal. 

In-Built Marketing & Promotion

Evidently, mobile applications offer the easiest and quickest way to reach your customers therefore, it makes up for a proactive marketing tool as well. Through options like push notifications, brands can notify their customers about new deals, discounts, offers, and even arrivals.

Many customers are annoyed by push notifications but not when they are targeted and personalized. On the other hand, options to share on social media enhance your store visibility. Last but not least, eCommerce mobile apps keep potential customers informed about their store updates 24/7. 

Ease of Connection with Customers 

No one likes to wait. Similarly, customers demand quick solutions to their problems. Once they have reached you with their query they expect to be answered immediately. Therefore, mobile apps for eCommerce allow you to converse with your customers in real-time.

All they have to do is reach you through an on-built chat tool or find answers through the FAQ section or the knowledge base. This keeps customers actively engaged with your site. Also, immediate responses improve the customer experience. Because once your customers have left a positive review on your app, expect a wave to follow.

Furthermore, the quick response time reduces the cart abandonment rates and allows customers to complete the checkout process without any complications or second thoughts. Hence, if you want to maintain consistent support between your brand and consumers, the best way forward is to integrate a chatbot eCommerce mobile app. 

Wrapping Up

We all know that it can be very challenging to develop your own eCommerce mobile app from scratch to accomplish the envisioned success. It requires a hundred percent effort, resources, time, and money. But what if your business is running on a budget constraint? Ready-made apps, already available in the market, can do the trick.

Quickxi offers ready-made feature-rich mobile applications for your eCommerce store with ample customization options to help you fulfill your business needs. With a quick and easy setup, you can get your online store up and running in no time. Quickxi can help you fill in the gaps with additional features, integrations, and any other functionality it lacks.

All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with us,
  2. Share your requirements and your niche,
  3. Get a final quote, and we will take care of it from there on and out. 

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