Benefits of Choosing Off the Shelf Software

Starting an online brand? You would need a digital infrastructure in place to kick-start your start-up. Yes, you can have fancy custom-built software but then comes the money talk. Well, fulfilling your big dreams on a pea-sized budget can be very challenging. In today’s exceedingly competitive and digitized world cost is one of the major concerns especially for new or small businesses, the reason why companies look for cost-efficient solutions. As a last resort off the shelf applications is the only (and wise) alternative.

the advantages of off the shelf software

However, implementing the wrong low-cost software can do more harm than good because one size simply does not fit all. Therefore, either you are starting your own eCommerce store or running a restaurant app, you have to be very smart about your choices when it comes to choosing an off-the-shelf application because being an online service provider; your mobile application is your asset, so failure is not an option. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your business needs. 

Finally, decided to buy off the shelf? Sounds like a fun trip! But choosing a software product can be risky. Considering this, putting serious time and effort into market research at the beginning of your new business can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

In this blog, I will talk about off the shelf software benefits and things to consider so that you can steer clear of immediate future troubles.

Important Things to Consider 

  1. Most of the time off the shelf vendors are hesitant towards changing their products based on customers’ demand but what if you can not operate the software as is because it does not offer the functionalities you are looking for? Hence, you need customization options to maximize operational efficiency. So be sure vendors are willing to provide relevant customization options doable within the budget.  
  2. Run a quick analysis: cost or quality? Because some prefer quality over cost. But the right approach is to get quality products at market competitive rates. Because you don’t want to pay more for less. So in order to get the best results, always find value for money without compromising on quality. Do you need the software to offer you integration options? Make sure they have seasoned developers who can automate your processes by integrating multiple systems. 
  3. After purchase support. Vendors should be available around the clock in case of issues and queries. 
  4. Don’t pay for the features you don’t need. Suppose, the software offers an online scheduler as one of their features, and you have no use for it but you have to pay for it anyway. 
  5. Vendors should be able to fully train you and familiarize you with all the functionalities and workflow processes. 

Off the Shelf Software Benefits        

  1. Best-suited for startups looking for immediate solutions and who lack the technical expertise or budget for outsourcing development.
  2. They are ready to use software therefore can be installed and implemented in a matter of days where bespoke development takes months or even years depending on the requirements. 
  3. They offer a cost-efficient solution and do not require a large investment as they are not built from scratch. Customizations, integrations, upgrades may cost a nominal fee. 
  4. One of the advantages of off-the-shelf software is that it is quite popular. The reason why you will find Online guides and forums to support your users and you for that matter. 

What Can We Do For You?

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All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

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