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Start selling online today with an affordable, user-friendly, and feature-packed platform. We intend to provide a convenient system for all the small-scale businesses and startups to quickly operate and grow. 

Quickxi is your best partner in helping your business amplify and win satisfied customers. We work with all businesses be it – retail, grocery shops, restaurants, or other service providers. CHEER UP! You don’t have to be an expert to set up a great site and build a unique online presence because Quickxi will do that for you. 

Add value to the Marketplace by Starting an Online Business:

In today’s world, the majority of potential customers expect to have an online presence of businesses. Not only does it create an amazing impression but also enlightens them about your products and services. Apart from describing your company and products, a commercial website should also impart significant information like operational hours, trade area, store location, and a way to get in touch like a customer support number or an email address. 

Our easy-to-use website creator package would allow you to use tools at their optimum level. After that, you don’t need a web designer or programming skills to make a show-stopping website. Your website/business will stand out due to our built-in unique features, and professional & flexible gears. There is an app and website template for everything ranging from grocery, restaurant, online delivery shops, and on-demand services. So, get inspired with our innovative and creative templates that will optimize your business to look professional on desktops and mobile devices.

Quickxi offers highly customizable pre-made web and mobile applications to help you seamlessly run your business online. Say GOODBYE to all the stressful days, where building a website means pooling your resources and investing a huge chunk of finances, with our quick and seamless delivery you will get to promote your business on a pocket-friendly budget. In addition, you can also cut down on development costs, ensure fast delivery, and would be able to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Thinking of starting an online business? We are offering well-equipped services and features, specially geared to elevate eCommerce sales. You can enlist your products in categories like ‘Delivery available’ and ‘Pickup’.  

Boost your Business on an Exceptional Level: 

Quick selling and accelerated growth

Set the course of business by publishing our integrated website model – no coding required. You can place your item into special categories depending on the type OR you can shift your items from your point of sale system. 

Scale your business with flexible payment gateways 

Our ready-made mobile applications come with a variety of payment methods so that you can easily enable your customers to pay however they like and expand your business. 

  • Credit/ debit & other payment methods integration
  • Facilitate your expansion
  • Less turnover, more customer conversion rates
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Retain existing customer base

Drive more customers to your site: 

You can expand your audience and reach by integrating your platform with Google. Utilize SEO tools to optimize your website/app, also, it will make it easy for your customers to find your shop or specific product. 

Comprehensive CMS to manage your digital content

Our top-notch CMS integration will enable you to effortlessly add, delete, edit, and publish products, food menus, grocery items, and services. To modify your app your way! 

Manage your application without technical knowledge. 

  • Cut down the additional costs of maintaining your app
  • Take control of your content
  • Easy CMS access through the web browser 
  • Collaborate with multiple content managers

Accomplish your dream of an Online store in just three easy steps: 

1. Start with Quickxi consultation

You don’t have to invest or order right away, discuss your business specifications. Then, if you decide to go further we will talk about your requirements, design needs, and other essentials. 

    2. Customize your website in a creative way

Our team comprises experienced designers, expert web developers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. They will use their knowledge and experience to execute your dream website/app platform. 

    3. Swift development service 

We believe in fast and quick delivery, so you will get to see the initial designs and interface within a few days. However, if you want to add or remove anything our team will do that accordingly. 

Why does your business need a customized software solution?

  • Enhanced customer experience 

Our core commitment is to provide customers with what they want, when they want, and how they want. 

  • Strong brand building

Through Quickxi you would be able to build the brand to a high level. Once you’re done with creative implementation and website/app development, the next stage comes, that is to keep a record of business analysis, audience analysis, and brand positioning.

  • Loyal customer base

Keep a track of repeated purchased items and how willing a consumer is to engage with your brand. All of this is possible if your business has an online appearance. 

  • Get customer insights

If you want to know the effectiveness of your business, keenly interpret and understand customer data, feedback and behaviors – draw inferences, and then use this data to improve product development. 

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to tell the world your story via Quickxi customized and integrated services. 

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